Our People


ELIAS LAZOS : Mr Elias Lazos was born on 28th of August (1962) in Famagusta. Coming from a family involved to the timber trade and processing, it was clear that from the early years of his childhood, Mr Lazos developed and loved his family heritage regarding timber and its trade. In 1979 Mr Lazos, migrates to Ukraine for studies and he returns to Cyprus in 1984. Initially, he worked in his father company and finally in 1989 he creates his own firm. Through his career the founder of the company, has achieved a number of personal goals and ambitions and he participated in numerous activities. He speaks Greek, English, and Russian and he is the father of two children.


ANDREAS LAZOS: Mr Andreas Lazos, the oldest son of Mr Elias Lazos, was born on 06th of December (1986) in Larnaca. Following his father’s steps, Mr Andreas through a right guidance, in an early age decides to continue and expand the family business. In the age of 19, he migrates to England in order to attend an undergraduate program based on economics studies. In 2008 he returns to Cyprus and joins the company aiming the expansion of the firm. He speaks Greek, English and Russian


FANI IOANNOU: Mrs Fani Ioannou was born on Larnaca in 10th of June (1973). Initially she studied tourism and foreign languages nonetheless few years later she followed her true passion and joined a college in Larnaca specialized in financial accounting. Few years later she graduates with an excellent score in Accounting. For short period of time, Mrs Fani worked at the airport of Larnaca, but in the beginning of 2004 she joins Elias Lazos Ltd and since then she is the chief of the accounting department of the company. She is the mother of two kids. She fluently speaks Greek, English and German.


LEFKI LAZOU: Mrs Lefki Lazou was born on Nicosia in 27th of March (1963). Mrs Lefki the wife of Mr Elias Lazos, had a vital role in the creation of the firm. Initially, she studied financial accounting in a college located in the capital of Cyprus. Since the creation of the company, Mrs Lefki deals with the financial and accounting aspects of the company. In cooperation with Mrs Fani, they are responsible for the accounting department of the firm. Mrs Lefki is a mother of two children and speaks Greek and English