A board made of layers of wood glued together

Posted on March 20, 2014

The symmetrical cross bonded layers maximize plywood's moisture resistance, durability and bending strength. In general, plywood is either used internally or externally. Plywood comes in a different variety of sizes and thicknesses. A variety of different plywood can be found in Elias Lazos Ltd such as bintagor, birch and film faced plywood.

BIRCH PLYWOOD: Birch plywood is mainly used for exterior purposes. Its exceptional characteristics such as high wear and water resistance, have established birch as the leading plywood in that particular industry. Nevertheless, birch can be applied in furniture industry.


244 x 122 x 6
244 x 122 x 9
244 x 122 x 12
244 x 122 x 15
244 x 122 x 18
244 x 61 x 18